In 2014 we announced that we were ending sales and support of the DLI.Uploader ActiveX component as part of our continuing focus on our flagship DOCOVA product. At that time we provided customers with the ability to continue obtaining maintenance and support for DLI.Uploader by subscribing to maintenance and support of our DOCOVA software product which included Uploader as a component.

In recent years the role of ActiveX components in browser applications has been decreasing due to the following reasons;
1) lack of cross browser support (only available in Internet Explorer)
2) the increased use of HTML5 to provide advanced capabilities across various browsers
3) Microsoft has excluded support for ActiveX components from its latest (Edge) browser

In response to these shifts, DLI has updated our DOCOVA product to no longer make use of ActiveX components such as DLI.Uploader. This change has allowed our DOCOVA application framework to operate on multiple browsers, without the use of ActiveX components, while still providing powerful upload/download controls, as well as other automation tools.
As a result of these changes we are discontinuing any future development of the DLI.Uploader ActiveX component, and will no longer be providing maintenance and support for it as part of any new maintenance and support contracts.

Existing customers of the DLI.Uploader product under an active maintenance and support contract will continue to receive support until the end of their current contract.
At the end of any current maintenance and support contract customers of the DLI.Uploader ActiveX component may continue using it, without any changes.
The only difference being that DLI will not provide support for the component, and no future updates will be provided for the component.

Note: this end of support announcement does not apply to the use of Uploader within the DOCOVA application itself (ie. earlier releases of DOCOVA that make use of the Uploader component).

Chris Fales

Director of Implementations and Support