We are happy to announce that DOCOVA SQL Edition V4.5 is available to Business Partners.  This new release will be available to Customers late summer or early fall of this year.

In Q4 of last year we released DOCOVA V4.5 Standards Edition on the IBM Domino platform.  This release of the DOCOVA SQL Edition brings feature parity to all backend platforms offered by DOCOVA.  All of the powerful functionality that was contained in ActiveX/COM components in the past have been off-loaded into an optional plug-in allowing us to deliver a standard, cross-browser, zero-footprint and mobile implementation.

We are often asked if we will continue to offer the Domino based version of DOCOVA, and the answer is “Yes”.  Whether your organization wants to continue to leverage IBM Domino or migrate away from it to a relational platform like MS SQL Server or MySQL, DOCOVA is an excellent solution for both.

From a migration point of view, having DOCOVA on par across all platforms is critical.  If Customers decide to change their technology environment, the impact is minimal because the DOCOVA User interface stays the same.  This allows companies to perform migrations on a schedule that meets their own particular needs.

Check out the two images below.  Without looking at the browser address bar, can you tell which is DOCOVA on Domino vs DOCOVA SQL Edition?