The DOCOVA Team is proud to announce the general release of DOCOVA SE.  DOCOVA was originally developed on the IBM Domino platform however,  we experienced many Customers and Business Partners with a desire to transition from that environment.  So, DOCOVA transitioned too.  The “SE” stands for “SQL Edition” and runs on major SQL platforms like MySQL and SQL Server.

For information on differences between the DOCOVA Domino/XWork and DOCOVA SE editions, check out this blog post

You Pick the Platform

This new release of DOCOVA has great appeal for existing Customers, new Customers and Business Partners.  Whether you’re an IBM Notes/Domino customer or IBM Notes/Domino customer looking to transition, or just looking for a comprehensive and robust document and application development platform, DOCOVA’s breadth of possibilities just blew wide open.

Running DOCOVA in the cloud means you don’t need to care about back-end platforms, however, organizations can also make on-premises platform decisions based on cost saving, skill set, or company mergers and still not have to worry about transitioning their business content and applications.  DOCOVA can move with you.

Existing DOCOVA Customers – Use the Migrator Luke!

Current DOCOVA Customers staying on the IBM Domino platform will continue to enjoy the power and flexibility of DOCOVA.  Watch for exciting new version announcements that we will be sharing in the coming months!

Current DOCOVA Customers who wish to transition from DOCOVA/Domino to DOCOVA SE can leverage the DOCOVA Migration Utility designed specifically for that move.

Additionally, Customers on IBM Domino Document Manager (DDM) or IBM Quickr can also transition to DOCOVA using our DIY Migration Tools for DDM and Quickr.

Read more about the Quickr Migrator here:

Read more about the DDM Migrator here:

New Customers

Looking for a powerful, cross-browser, cross-device, cross-platform document and application management platform?

Give us a call!  Or better yet, sign up for a DOCOVA demonstration here:

Partner Appeal!

As the IBM Domino industry transitions DOCOVA gives existing IBM Notes/Domino Business Partners a great opportunity to make a transition of their own.  Read about our Business Partners who, like you, needed to make a transition in order to keep their customer base.  What’s the appeal?

1)  Increase demand

  • Deliver greater value to new and existing customers
  • Add new segments and audience

2)  Expand your practice

  • Grow revenues and profits from consulting, licensing, and maintenance

3)  Widen your footprint

  • Broaden your portfolio with attractive products and services