Welcome to blog series part 7 of 17 on migrating Notes apps to DOCOVA.  In this entry I’m going to discuss XPages.

So, the simple question is: Does DOCOVA migrate and support XPages?

Annnnd, the answer is: No.

For DOCOVA’s development we pretty much stayed away from XPages for two reasons.  First, although we might have been able to leverage it on the Domino side, it wasn’t a good fit for the SQL edition of DOCOVA which caters to several different relational platforms.  Second, we never really got a good feeling about XPages.  We always felt it was a bit of an odd design construct slapped on a platform that IBM wasn’t giving much attention to anymore.  For those reasons, we did not invest any time in it except to use it for DOCOVA’s Public File Access (PFA) component for Domino installed instances.

As it turns out, based on the comments coming out of IBM Connect 2017, it appears that IBM has all but abandoned XPages.

The good news is that the DOCOVA App Builder is a powerful drag-and-drop, point-and-click IDE that enables businesses to quickly rebuild forms/pages that used XPages.  So, that might be helpful for some.

Also, although it might be a bit of a stretch, if you still have the forms and such that you may have redeveloped in XPages then those can/will be migrated and modernized in DOCOVA.

Aside from XPages, if you’ve built Notes applications that are web enabled through passthru HTML/inline JavaScript, DOCOVA does support the migration of all that and will be the topic of another blog post.

You can fast-track and get all the whitepapers on our migration methodology and everything that is being discussed in this series of posts.  Specifically, you can get the DOCOVA Notes/Domino Migration Methodology – MIGRATE whitepaper which goes over these technical aspects.

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