In my continuing trend in blogging about migrations from various systems to DOCOVA, this month I will be looking at migrating from the QSI Quality Management solution to the DOCOVA Quality Management Suite. QSI, for those that aren’t familiar with it, is a Quality Management solution based on Lotus Notes/Lotus Domino.  Historically used by companies to manage and document their quality management processes and operation.  There are a few reasons why companies may be looking to migrate away from QSI.  For one, QSI suffers from being tied to the Lotus Notes/Domino platform, secondly the QSI suite lacks many of the features available in a modern quality management system (eg. mobile enablement, file sync, etc).  As a result many companies are looking to upgrade from/migrate off of the QSI system. DOCOVA is a perfect solution for companies looking to upgrade or migrate off of their legacy QSI system, for the following reasons;

  • DOCOVA can be extended far beyond just Quality Management
  • DOCOVA is browser based making it simpler to deploy and maintain
  • DOCOVA is Mobile enabled out of the box
  • DOCOVA can be implemented on non Domino platforms such as Microsoft SQL/IIS or MySQL/Apache


The DOCOVA Quality Suite:

When migrating an application, the data is only part of the challenge.  What about the business logic and application functionality?  DOCOVA handles this by providing a DOCOVA Quality Suite of applications that provide fully functional quality management applications that are easy to use.  The DOCOVA Quality Suite consists of;

  • CARs and PARs (Corrective Action and Preventative Action Requests)
  • Document Control (maintenance of versioned/controlled documents such as policies and procedures, work instructions, etc)
  • Equipment Maintenance (equipment maintenance, calibrations, and preventative maintenance records)
DOCOVA Quality Suite

DOCOVA Quality Suite

Additional modules can be added as needed/required based on a client’s current QSI implementation.


The DOCOVA Migrator for QSI:

Migrations from QSI Quality Management are performed using the DOCOVA Migrator for QSI.    This migration utility is similar to the Dom.Doc (DDM) Migrator and the Quickr Migrator utilities, in that it automates the transfer of data and content from the source system to DOCOVA.


DOCOVA Migrator for QSI

The DOCOVA Migrator for QSI allows for the selective migration of particular QSI Quality Management modules to their corresponding DOCOVA Quality Modules.  By creating Library Mappings, one or more QSI modules can be migrated to DOCOVA.

QSI Document Type Mapping

QSI Document Type Mapping

The DOCOVA Migrator for QSI also allows for the mapping of QSI Document Types onto their corresponding DOCOVA Document Type. Each mapping can also include additional custom field data that should be transferred along with the core QSI fields.  This allows clients to handle situations in which their QSI environment is “non-standard” and may have some customizations.

DOCOVA Migrator for QSI Data Cleanup

DOCOVA Migrator for QSI Data Cleanup

The DOCOVA Migrator for QSI also assists in cleanup of existing data during the migration. For example, existing equipment names (which may have been entered in a variety of formats in QSI) can be consolidated and converted to established naming conventions during the transfer.  By enabling th “Perform Cleanup on Value” option in the Document Type Field Mappings, existing QSI values can be matched against a pre-defined list of values and the new value that they should be assigned.  Cleanup data entries can be imported from an Excel listing.

DOCOVA Quality Suite + DOCOVA Migrator for QSI:

The combination of the DOCOVA Quality Suite and the DOCOVA Migrator for QSI make for easy and painless migrations from QSI to DOCOVA. This allows companies to migrate away from a system/platform that may have been holding them back from achieving their quality management goals to a system that can support both their current requirements as well as any future needs.