Binary Tree Partners with DOCOVA


Press Release: DOCOVA® selected by Binary Tree to expand their IBM Domino applications transformation offering. TORONTO,ON – September 07, 2018 –  DLI Tools Inc announced today that the DOCOVA® business application development and management platform has been chosen to further expand and enhance Binary Tree Inc’s Domino applications transformation services. Binary Tree will provide the most comprehensive end-to-end transformation solution enabling organizations to migrate their complex Domino applications to Microsoft Office 365 and Azure. [...]

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Migrating Notes Apps – Buy a Ticket or Build an Airplane?


We hear this all the time.  Customers want to move away from Notes and Domino, but they don't want to replace Notes with another proprietary platform.  They want to use what they have, or what they can get for free. I get that, but DOCOVA is not Notes.  It is built on open technologies, not proprietary ones.  Technologies like JavaScript, HTML and PhP. On the front end you can use a variety of browsers, [...]

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The Real Deal : Installing panagenda’s ApplicationInsights


Our DOCOVA Analyzer tool was not designed to help customers triage their inventory of Notes applications down to a final list, rather it was built to provide us with the information we need to provide budgetary estimates for the actual migration. We were well aware that there are several utilities on the market that provide this type of functionality, and we have chosen to partner with panagenda and their ApplicationInsights solution to bring our customers [...]

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The Devil is in the Details – Migrating Notes Rich Text


Migration projects in general are challenging, regardless of the technologies involved. Notes app migration projects are especially tough to deliver, which is why many customers have migrated their Notes based email systems but still have the Domino platform running to support their Notes business applications. When planning a Notes application migration project, a topic that always comes up is rich text.  Many Notes applications use rich text fields to capture rich content like images, doclinks, [...]

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Domino – Often Still the Best


In many cases, from a technical and financial standpoint, Domino is still hands down the best choice in terms of a platform.  The Domino server, with the database, messaging, web server and application server all tightly integrated makes it affordable and easy to work with. Its replication capabilities simply cannot be found in other platforms.  If you have any level of technical knowledge you can see why it is so hard to replace as [...]

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IBM Announcement – HCL to take over Notes and Domino Development


Last week IBM made the announcement they were entering into an arrangement with HCL. The gist of it is that they are using HCL to do future development on Notes and Domino and a few other collaboration products. This news appeared on several blogs after it was announced by HCL.  IBM delivered the news to IBM partners October 26.  There were rumors floating around Social Connections 2017 that IBM was preparing to sell off Notes [...]

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Moving to Microsoft – Sharing Notes Apps from the O365 Portal


If you have many complex Notes applications, and you have an understanding of both Notes and Microsoft development, you know you cannot move them to SharePoint without some serious business process re-engineering.  SharePoint and Notes are too different. The applications are going to have to change and in many cases it is not even doable. DOCOVA will allow you to migrate those custom Notes apps to SQL, and provide the same level of functionality [...]

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MWLUG 2017 – Recap


MWLUG 2017 in Virginia this past August, like most of the Lotus User Group type events,  was a gathering of the Notes Nation.   The theme this year was "Moving Collaboration Forward". This year the event saw record attendance, according to event champion Richard Moy.  The event was well organized and well run. As was the case in past years DOCOVA was a sponsor, although this time at the 11th hour. IBM was the primary [...]

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Why we DO migrate code.


I decided to write a blog entry on the issue of migrating Notes application code when migrating Notes applications to DOCOVA.  When I say "code", I mean the LotusScript and @formula language that is contained in Notes applications. Now, I've seen some blogs and vendor web pages that espouse how you should NOT attempt to migrate the code.  These vendors typically want to convince you that you should re-develop your Notes applications on their [...]

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Migrate Notes to DOCOVA Blog Series Part 17: Input translation and input validation formulas


Welcome to blog series part 17 of 17 on migrating Notes apps to DOCOVA.  The subject of this blog is Input translation and input validation formulas (formulae if you prefer). Right.  So, one day I hear this argument coming from down the hall here at DOCOVA.  The dev team embroiled in some discussion.  Oh the controversy.  Fisticuffs? Naw.  Heated?  Maybe that would be a bit of a stretch.  The debate?  How should input translation [...]

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