Welcome to blog series part 16 of 17 on migrating Notes apps to DOCOVA.  In this entry I’m going to talk about form events.

Okay, so the talk about form events usually starts of with the question:

Does DOCOVA have document events like onLoad, onUnload, QueryOpen, QuerySave and WebQueryOpen?

Yes.  DOCOVA supports both typical browser events like onLoad and onUnload but has also been extended to handle similar events that were found in Notes forms like QueryOpen, QuerySave, PostSave and so forth.  Many Notes applications made heavy use of these events, we couldn’t just leave them out now, could we?

DOCOVA implements these events in a similar fashion because they are useful and it makes migrating Notes application to DOCOVA much easier.  I mean, could you imagine having to try to implement these events in some other target collaboration platform aside from DOCOVA?  Good luck with that.

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