Welcome to blog series part 13 of 17 on migrating Notes apps to DOCOVA.  This entry is dedicated to shared columns and fields.  It’s short and sweet.

DOCOVA does not support the concept of shared columns and fields between applications at this time.

Say what?  I know, right?  DOCOVA is so over the top, so chalk full of functionality…it’s crazy, alas at the time of writing this blog entry, it doesn’t support shared columns and fields.  Well, that’s the reason right there…we’ve been busy with the other stuff.  “It’s on the list”.  “It’s coming”.  For our “library” templates, we actually do have view column definitions that are shared across any library as well as custom search fields that can be defined and used across libraries and applications when using DOCOVA’s advanced searching features.  The problem right now is that we have a few ideas around how we’d like to implement this functionality, and it may be different than how we are currently doing it, or not.  So, stay tuned.

For now, when Notes app views are imported via the DOCOVA App Importer, if they are using a shared column, then the column is treated as though it is specifically part of the view in that app.

When a form or subform is imported, shared fields that may have been used are treated as if they were specific to the form or subform.


You can fast-track and get all the whitepapers on our migration methodology and everything that is being discussed in this series of posts.  Specifically, you can get the DOCOVA Notes/Domino Migration Methodology – MIGRATE whitepaper