Over the past decade SharePoint has gained market share and Notes/Domino has lost.  With more and more Lotus partners being forced into migration projects, more accurate information is becoming available on how the two compare.


Marten Vosmer of Lialis B.V. in the Netherlands did a session at EngageUG 2016 that described in detail his process for moving Notes/Domino applications to SharePoint.  In his presentation he offered this sound byte that I found to be an excellent high level comparison.

“With Notes you are given nothing, and you can code anything. With SharePoint you are given everything, and you can code nothing.”

Marten would be the first to agree that this is not 100% true, but it gets the point across.

For more information, read Marten’s article here.


At IBM Connect 2016 in Orlando a few months back I met up with Glenn Boudreaux.  He is the development manager for a firm near Spokane Washington. In a previous life he was challenged with moving Notes applications to SharePoint.  Knowing both the Domino and SQL side of things, he selected what he felt was a relatively simple application.   The details are interesting, and something anyone facing a similar scenario should read.  Glenn’s article is available (**you must be logged into LinkedIn first**) on LinkedIn Pulse. If you do not have a linked in account click here.