We get that question .. a lot.  I recently read a blog post from Marten Vosmer from www.lialis.com.


Marten is a long time Lotus professional, and has recently been involved in several SharePoint projects.   In his blog, he makes the a comparison between Domino and SharePoint.

“Domino gives you nothing but allows you develop anything.  SharePoint gives you everything and allows you to develop nothing.”

He admits this is a broad brush type comment, and there are exceptions on both sides, but in my opinion it is pretty close to the mark.

With DOCOVA, we did for Domino what IBM failed to do.  We packaged workflow, version control, all of those bits and pieces that SharePoint has “out of the box”, into a powerful browser based interface.  Unlike SharePoint, you still have that incredible Domino development tool, Domino Designer.

“DOCOVA gives you everything, and allows you to develop anything.”

Check out Marten’s blog post. For me, it is like reading the design spec for DOCOVA.