Welcome to blog series part 9 of 17 on migrating Notes apps to DOCOVA..  In this entry I’m going to talk about how DOCOVA handles response or child documents.

First let me take a second to praise response documents in IBM Notes.  You know, they seem like such a simple thing but I think it’s surprising how many systems don’t include this type of construct out of the box.  With their ability to inherit field info from their parent on creation and deep hierarchical depiction in views, they were great in my opinion.  Ya, sure, there were oddities here and there in views, but overall I think they were really useful and easy to implement.

THAT SAID.  Yes, DOCOVA supports the design construct of response/child documents.  And, yes, column totals in a categorized view look correct in that the category total disappears when the category is expanded and shows up at the bottom as you’d expect.  Why they never got around to that, I’ll never know!  Also, in case you’re wondering about the obvious, yes, when creating response or child documents from a parent, you have the option to have fields automatically inherited from the parent onto the child just as Notes had done.

I’m quite happy that we have this feature in DOCOVA, it’s really useful…and built right in.

You can fast-track and get all the whitepapers on our migration methodology and everything that is being discussed in this series of posts.  Specifically, you can get the DOCOVA Notes/Domino Migration Methodology – MIGRATE whitepaper which goes over these technical aspects.

Comments below!  Ya…tell me how much you like response docs!