Migrate your Notes® and Domino® platform to DOCOVA®

How long will it take?  How much will it cost?  What will the impact be on users and the I.T. team?  What are your options?  We have the answers.

The DOCOVA® Notes/Domino® Migration Methodology™ is the most complete and cost effective, end-to-end process for transforming your legacy Notes and Domino environment into a modern enterprise collaboration solution.

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Phase 1: ANALYZE

The DOCOVA Notes/Domino Migration Methodology™ starts with the ANALYZE phase and makes use of the DOCOVA Analyzer™ tool.  The ANALYZE phase delivers a no cost analysis of your Notes and Domino environment to start getting answers on how much it will cost and how long it will take.

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Phase 2: PLAN

The PLAN phase of the DOCOVA Notes/Domino Migration Methodology™ leverages details from the ANALYZE phase to create “Your Plan“, a custom roadmap specific to your organization’s needs for retiring your Notes and Domino environment.

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Phase 3: MIGRATE

With the analysis information and “Your Plan” in hand, the migration of simple and complex applications is executed using the DOCOVA App Importer™ to migrate user interface, business logic, security, database schema and data for all your applications.

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Phase 4: MANAGE

Once you have transitioned off Notes and Domino you will benefit from DOCOVA’s modern and flexible user, developer and administrative interfaces, allowing you to focus on moving your organization forward.

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