I fly a little home built airplane as a hobby.  I am lucky in that it burns car gas instead of the much higher priced aviation fuel.  In Canada, in the province of Ontario, because a portion of gasoline tax goes to road improvements and an airplane does not use roads, you can get the tax back.  Its not hard to do. You take the information from your gas receipt, the quantity purchased, the price per liter, the total cost…that kind of thing, and you put into a log.  At the end of the year you total it all up, do a simple calculation and submit a claim to the Ontario Ministry of Finance.  They send you a rebate that represents the road tax.  You have to keep the receipts and the log for seven years, in case they decide to audit you.

So why can I never seem to do it?  The reason is that I wait till the end of the year.  Its not one receipt but dozens, if I can find where I put them. They all have to be entered into the log, which takes time, and I never seem to have the time.

What I needed was an app for my phone.  An app that allowed me to capture all the meta data, along with an image of the receipt, while I was at the gas pump. An app that put everything into a summary report. An app that did all the work for me.  Most important, it had to be easy to create. I am not a developer. I can hack something together with IBM Notes, but XPAGES or Rest Services, not happening.


I do, however, have access to a DOCOVA environment.  One hour after starting on it, I was done.  Here is what I created, and how I did it ( 3 min 40 sec).