Power your organization with the DOCOVA platform.  It’s so easy, now anyone can build and deploy great looking applications on premises or on the DOCOVA PaaS cloud solution while still allowing IT the ability to control it.

Build Business Applications Fast!

Rapidly build browser-based, cross device applications using DOCOVA’s App Builder™, a fully integrated, web development interface.  DOCOVA applications make your business more efficient and help your organization to automate tasks, improve productivity and create efficient workflow orchestration through an intuitive, browser-based drag and drop experience.

Focus on Business Needs

One of the things that makes the DOCOVA development platform so convenient for IT is that there are a number of components that are taken care of for you.  There is no need to worry about database design, or things like authentication.  IT can focus on meeting the business needs of their organization with feature development, workflow and systems integration.  Spend your time building the next amazing app!

Low-Code or Super-Sophisticated

You can create applications with no coding.  But don’t let the App Builder’s intuitive interface fool you.  It is a powerful solution that helps companies build business applications end-to-end.  It’s not just a form builder.  App Builder provides powerful constructs such as layouts, forms, data views and menus, and deeper functionality like access control, hide whens, computed fields and much more.

When you need more advanced capabilities, DOCOVA allows developers to code and integrate what they need to deliver sophisticated application solutions for challenging business problems.

PaaS or On-Premises

DOCOVA allows IT to consolidate their on-premises systems into a modern easy-to-use platform to finally deliver a truly unified experience for users.  IT can also go into DOCOVA’s cloud, eliminating the need for internal infrastructure while focusing on delivering the apps their organization needs.

Desktop Integration

Integrate with any MS Office applications like Word and Excel.  Additionally integrate with any of your desktop applications that have an API, including the file system.

File Attachments

Easily build applications that leverage DOCOVA’s powerful file attachment capabilities to allow users to add and delete one or many files at a time.  Users can drag and drop files into forms in applications and can also edit files “in-place”, without the need to download, edit and re-attach the newly modified file.

$$Formula language

$$Formula language is a powerful scripting language that can be used in DOCOVA applications to rapidly perform calculations, simple logic and actions in the browser user interface.  Developers with knowledge of IBM Lotus Notes application development will easily adopt $$Formula language.


The DOCOVA application programming interface (API) is a set of subroutine definitions, protocols, and tools to assist in building DOCOVA applications.  The DOCOVA API makes it easier for developers to rapidly create sophisticated solutions using the API building blocks.  The API is completely browser-based and provides an easy to use object model with both front and back-end functionality.

DOCOVA Web Services

DOCOVA Web Services allows developers integrate and extend external enterprise applications, thereby extending their functionality and power.

DOCOVA Enterprise Integrator

DOCOVA Enterprise Integrator (DEI) allows developers to integrate and serve up external system application information through DOCOVA to make it mobile, wrap workflow processes around it or provide a single, seamless and unified platform to users.


Leverage DOCOVA’s sophisticated built-in workflow engine.  Parallel, serial, branching, looping, approvals, declinations and reviews.  Configure or program with the workflow API.

Full-text Search

Experience DOCOVA’s extensive built-in full-text searching capabilities.  Perform simple or advance searches specific to different information types.  Search across one or many applications at once and across all data and file content.

Policy Rules

Leverage DOCOVA Policy Rules to track content for initiatives like ISO Certifications or other content that requires timely review and action.

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