DOCOVA V4 – Nov 7 Webinar Recap


Here is a video recap of the webinar held Nov 7 showing the new features in DOCOVA V4.  If you have an associate who was not able to attend the webinar feel free to forward this post to them. Video clips are typically 1 - 3 minutes in length. For better viewing you can increase the resolution of the video by using the control on the YouTube menu. Introduction Tabbed Interface Open in Edit [...]

DOCOVA V4 – Nov 7 Webinar Recap2013-11-11T02:05:21+00:00

DOCOVA V3.5 Preview: Document Activities


DOCOVA V3.5 includes Document Activities, tasks that are tied to a particular document(s).  Activities allow you to notify a user of an action that requires attention or a response regarding a particular DOCOVA document. Creating Activities A document owner may create an Activity for a particular document and assign that Activity to a user or group of users by using the Activity button at the top right of a document. Viewing Activities Activities will [...]

DOCOVA V3.5 Preview: Document Activities2018-03-23T17:15:21+00:00

DOCOVA V3.5 Preview: Document or Image Thumbnails


The file attachment manager (file uploader) has been modified in DOCOVA V3.5 to provide the creation of thumbnail images for attachments Thumbnail images are displayed as a column in a folder perspective in line with the DOCOVA document information. The display format is in a row-by-row format (as is the current DOCOVA folder display method).  Users have the ability to insert the Thumbnail column in any of their custom perspectives. A special Thumbnails folder [...]

DOCOVA V3.5 Preview: Document or Image Thumbnails2012-10-31T09:45:22+00:00

DOCOVA V3.5 Preview: Save Email conversations with Documents


DOCOVA V3.5 allows an Administrator to enable four options to save an email with a document: a) Leave the copy of the email in the user’s mail file unchanged, or b) Delete the original email in a user’s mail file when the email is successfully filed in DOCOVA, or c) Set a flag/field value on the original email in a user’s mail file when the email is successfully filed in DOCOVA. This second option [...]

DOCOVA V3.5 Preview: Save Email conversations with Documents2012-10-30T14:38:51+00:00

Announcement: DOCOVA ECM V3.5 Released


Improves Shareability and Usability with Mobile, Web and Cloud Enhancements Inc, a leader in Enterprise Content Management (ECM), has announced the release of DOCOVA® ECM V3.5. The latest release improves content and document shareability and access to business information through mobile and cloud enhancements, along with several user experience upgrades. V3.5 continues with DOCOVA’s mantra of enabling any project team, department or organization to Start Simple, Go BIG! DOCOVA ensures a project team, [...]

Announcement: DOCOVA ECM V3.5 Released2012-10-29T09:51:52+00:00

DOCOVA V3.5: Overview Event Recap


Mobile. Web Developer and Admin Experience. Enhanced Search. (Hybrid) Cloud Service. Just a selection of  many features and capabilities reviewed on yesterday's DOCOVA V3.5 Overview webinar. Watch the recording on the website. DOCOVA Customers: Request the V3.5 Upgrade by contacting your DOCOVA Account Manager or by contacting us here

DOCOVA V3.5: Overview Event Recap2018-03-23T17:16:17+00:00

DOCOVA V3.5 Feature Preview: Mobile


DOCOVA V3.5 supports mobile on Android, Blackberry, iOS and Windows regardless of the device.   Now if you access a DOCOVA instance via most smartphones, PCs, Macs (without the client software installed)  or a tablet, you will be presented with the DOCOVA Mobile web interface.  This allows you to browse or search libraries to locate documents. These documents can be accessed using the device default viewers, and is included with DOCOVA V3.5.   See [...]

DOCOVA V3.5 Feature Preview: Mobile2018-03-23T17:18:07+00:00

DOCOVA V3.5 Feature Preview: Admin Interface


Over the last few years, DOCOVA ECM has significantly improved the User Experience and the underlying features to make managing business documents easier on knowledge workers; the audio, video files, contracts, manuals, spreadsheets, presentations and the other office documents many of us touch on a daily basis. Now we have made DOCOVA easier on DOCOVA administrators. Prior to V3.5, the backend administration of DOCOVA was done in a separate client - everything can now [...]

DOCOVA V3.5 Feature Preview: Admin Interface2012-09-18T14:33:23+00:00
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