DOCOVA 4.5 – Client Upgrade #1


Brotherhood Mutual has provided insurance solutions for America’s churches and related ministries for more than 90 years.  They have been a DOCOVA Cloud customer since 2013 and recently became the first client to upgrade to DOCOVA 4.5. Brotherhood Mutual’s DOCOVA instance is hosted on DOCOVA’s Cloud solution.   They have eight users that access the system and use it to store the various forms used by their business.  Since their instance is on DOCOVA’s Cloud, [...]

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Web Event: Cloud Content Management: Is Your Information Safe?


"The Cloud" conjures up the feeling of a magical place where everything just works and doesn’t break. The reality is that moving to the cloud needs to be thoroughly planned out. For your cloud decision, security needs to be properly considered. Accessing your corporate information anywhere, any time, on any device sounds fantastic on the surface, but if your "Cloud" gets compromised, your organization may not survive. At our next free webinar event, we'll [...]

Web Event: Cloud Content Management: Is Your Information Safe?2018-03-23T17:20:01+00:00
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