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Migrating Notes Apps – Buy a Ticket or Build an Airplane?


We hear this all the time.  Customers want to move away from Notes and Domino, but they don't want to replace Notes with another proprietary platform.  They want to use what they have, or what they can get for free. I get that, but DOCOVA is not Notes.  It is built on open technologies, not proprietary ones.  Technologies like JavaScript, HTML and PhP. On the front end you can use a variety of browsers, [...]

Migrating Notes Apps – Buy a Ticket or Build an Airplane?2018-06-07T15:38:21+00:00

The Devil is in the Details – Migrating Notes Rich Text


Migration projects in general are challenging, regardless of the technologies involved. Notes app migration projects are especially tough to deliver, which is why many customers have migrated their Notes based email systems but still have the Domino platform running to support their Notes business applications. When planning a Notes application migration project, a topic that always comes up is rich text.  Many Notes applications use rich text fields to capture rich content like images, [...]

The Devil is in the Details – Migrating Notes Rich Text2022-06-03T17:34:49+00:00

Moving to Microsoft – Sharing Notes Apps from the O365 Portal


If you have many complex Notes applications, and you have an understanding of both Notes and Microsoft development, you know you cannot move them to SharePoint without some serious business process re-engineering.  SharePoint and Notes are too different. The applications are going to have to change and in many cases it is not even doable. DOCOVA will allow you to migrate those custom Notes apps to SQL, and provide the same level of functionality [...]

Moving to Microsoft – Sharing Notes Apps from the O365 Portal2018-03-23T15:54:14+00:00

How Complex are Your Custom Notes Applications?


When it comes to Notes application migration projects, the first thing that needs to be done is an analysis of the Notes environment. There are a lot of analysis tools on the market, and to determine application complexity many count and compare the number of design elements that make up each of the applications.  That is really not a very good indicator as there is specific code that is problematic when you migrate from [...]

How Complex are Your Custom Notes Applications?2018-03-23T16:00:12+00:00

Mobile App Dev for Dummies


I fly a little home built airplane as a hobby.  I am lucky in that it burns car gas instead of the much higher priced aviation fuel.  In Canada, in the province of Ontario, because a portion of gasoline tax goes to road improvements and an airplane does not use roads, you can get the tax back.  Its not hard to do. You take the information from your gas receipt, the quantity purchased, the [...]

Mobile App Dev for Dummies2018-03-23T16:10:38+00:00

DOCOVA SE Migration Case Study – Bradock Consulting


Bradock Consulting was involved for more than a decade customizing and supporting an IBM Domino Document Manager based system for one of Australia's largest listed companies.  The system managed in excess of 350,000 documents and drawings contained in over 250 Lotus Notes Application Databases.  These databases were heavily customized to provide for far more complex workflow, external system integration and reporting than could be provided by the standard "out of the box" IBM product. [...]

DOCOVA SE Migration Case Study – Bradock Consulting2018-03-23T16:20:53+00:00

DLI Uploader End of Life Announcement


In 2014 we announced that we were ending sales and support of the DLI.Uploader ActiveX component as part of our continuing focus on our flagship DOCOVA product. At that time we provided customers with the ability to continue obtaining maintenance and support for DLI.Uploader by subscribing to maintenance and support of our DOCOVA software product which included Uploader as a component. In recent years the role of ActiveX components in browser applications has been [...]

DLI Uploader End of Life Announcement2018-03-23T16:21:37+00:00

Announcing DOCOVA SE V4.5 – Standards Edition


We are happy to announce that DOCOVA SQL Edition V4.5 is available to Business Partners.  This new release will be available to Customers late summer or early fall of this year. In Q4 of last year we released DOCOVA V4.5 Standards Edition on the IBM Domino platform.  This release of the DOCOVA SQL Edition brings feature parity to all backend platforms offered by DOCOVA.  All of the powerful functionality that was contained in ActiveX/COM [...]

Announcing DOCOVA SE V4.5 – Standards Edition2018-03-23T16:22:35+00:00

SharePoint – A Partner and Customer Perspective


Over the past decade SharePoint has gained market share and Notes/Domino has lost.  With more and more Lotus partners being forced into migration projects, more accurate information is becoming available on how the two compare. Marten Vosmer of Lialis B.V. in the Netherlands did a session at EngageUG 2016 that described in detail his process for moving Notes/Domino applications to SharePoint.  In his presentation he offered this sound byte that I found to be [...]

SharePoint – A Partner and Customer Perspective2018-03-23T16:27:14+00:00

DOCOVA V4.5 – Feature Quick Tour


By default, DOCOVA V4.5 is zero footprint. That means that the majority of users who just consume content will NOT have to download any software on their computers.  No browser plugins required, no compatibility view settings, and the full interface will run on most operating systems and devices. That includes Mac, Windows and iPads.  For both existing and new customers, that means applications can be rolled out to more users and faster deployments. DOCOVA V4.5 [...]

DOCOVA V4.5 – Feature Quick Tour2018-03-23T16:55:31+00:00
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