Migrating from QSI to DOCOVA


In my continuing trend in blogging about migrations from various systems to DOCOVA, this month I will be looking at migrating from the QSI Quality Management solution to the DOCOVA Quality Management Suite. QSI, for those that aren't familiar with it, is a Quality Management solution based on Lotus Notes/Lotus Domino.  Historically used by companies to manage and document their quality management processes and operation.  There are a few reasons why companies may be looking [...]

Migrating from QSI to DOCOVA2018-03-23T16:57:32+00:00

DIY – Migrating from IBM Quickr with DOCOVA Migration Tools


With the end of life for IBM's Quickr product, many organizations are looking for options to deal with their legacy Quickr environments.   Two of the key criteria for considering migration choices are 1) Functionality, and 2) Ease of Migration.   Companies want to be able to maintain (or increase) their existing levels of functionality and migrate their existing Quickr content easily without a lot of overhead.  In addition, many companies want to be able to perform the [...]

DIY – Migrating from IBM Quickr with DOCOVA Migration Tools2018-03-23T17:01:19+00:00
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