I went to a session yesterday at MWLUG regarding SSL Certificates.  I had heard there were issues around SSL certs and it could impact Quickr customers.  What I learned is that Microsoft and Google are phasing out support for SHA-1 style certs, in favor of the more secure SHA-2 format.   As of Jan 1, 2017 Microsoft and Google will stop supporting these older SHA-1 certs.

Since Domino 8.5 does not support SHA-2 certificates, customers need to upgrade to Domino 9.0.1 FP3 or higher. Quickr is not supported on Domino V9, which means after Jan 1, 2017 users could lose access to data stored in Quickr.  There are some workarounds available, such as standing up a proxy server in front of the Quickr server, but some form of action is required.

Many Quickr customers have demonstrated a reluctance to migrate off Quickr even though the end of support date of September 2016 is almost here.   The issue around SSL Certs is definitely a call to action.

DOCOVA is an excellent migration alternative for Quickr customers.   It has functional similarities to Quickr and will run on both Domino and SQL platforms.  We have created a migration tool that customers can use to migrate their Quickr Places to DOCOVA themselves on a timeline they can manage.   For more information check out the Quickr Migration Toolkit.