Migrating and/or Modernizing Your Custom Notes Applications

Your company has many custom Notes applications, and the decision has been made to transition off of the Notes and Domino. Trying to find an adequate replacement is a difficult task.

How long will it take? How much will it cost?  Those are the burning questions.

This webinar will introduce you to the fastest and most cost effective solution for migrating and modernizing your Notes applications.  Move them into a modern browser interface, and even off Domino to an SQL platform.  During this webinar, we will demonstrate a live conversion and modernization of a Notes application.  We will also migrate it to SQL.

Learn how;

  • the DOCOVA Analyzer evaluates the amount of time it will take to migrate each of your Notes applications.
  • the DOCOVA App Importer migrates your application designs, data, security and code to a modern business application platform.
  • the DOCOVA App Builder enables you to enhance your migrated applications and build new apps fast!
  • the DOCOVA Workspace enables users to collaborate and manage their business applications.
  • quickly and easily your business users and IT staff can make the transition off of Notes and Domino.

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For more info on Notes App Modernization and Migrations, click here. 

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