We have been doing Quickr migration projects for a few years now.  One of our early projects involved the migration of more than 400 Quickr places and the support for more than 4500 users.   Based on the needs of that customer, we added several features to DOCOVA such as:

  • The ability to register users to a library when they are not in the corporate directory
  • The ability to notify users when new content is added to DOCOVA
  • WebDAV support so users could interact with DOCOVA from Windows Explorer
  • Public File Access so files could be shared with third parties who do not have DOCOVA
  • And much more…..

One year later, we are at it again.  The next version of DOCOVA will incorporate several new changes, including:

  • The ability to view, edit or rename a file attachment directly from a folder view by clicking an icon
  • The ability to import a folder structure and files directly from the browser folder control
  • Drag and drop from any recognized drag source directly to the browser folder control (eg: email, windows explorer, etc)
  • And much more.

Stay tuned for more enhancements.  To see DOCOVA in action check out our November 22, 2016 DOCOVA Webinar.