With the end of support for Quickr only a few weeks away we have been dealing with a lot of Quickr customer inquiries.   Three times in the past month we have run into Quickr customers wishing they had the ability to provide mobile users with off line access to  files, and the ability to mark up files.   By using a combination of DOCOVA, File Jockey and GoodReader you can do this.

File Jockey essentially WebDAV enables DOCOVA, allowing you to map a drive to DOCOVA.  In addition, any WebDAV client can be mapped to DOCOVA to read the folder structure and files. This includes GoodReader,  a file reader and PDF annotation tool available for the iPad from the Apple Store.

For Quickr customers, the first step is to migrate to DOCOVA.  The end of support date for Quickr is September 30, 2016.  Only a few short weeks away.  For more information on the process to migrate your Quickr places to DOCOVA check out this recorded webinarThe DOCOVA Migrator will migrate your Places into DOCOVA Libraries. It will also migrate your room, folder and subfolder structure, documents and file attachments and related security. Users will have the same permissions they had in Quickr when it comes to accessing information.

The next step is to purchase and enable File Jockey for Domino.  Note that at this time File Jockey is only available on the Domino version of DOCOVA.  We hope to have it available for DOCOVA SQL Edition in the near future.

Now, from your iPad, purchase GoodReader from the Apple Store.  Note that you want the GoodReader – PEF Reader, Annotator and File Manager. Once GoodReader is up and running you need to connect to DOCOVA using the Connect to Server/WebDAV option.  You can then navigate the folder structure, download files and sync files, view them and mark them up…all from the iPad. Its really that easy.