With the end of life for IBM’s Quickr product coming in September 2016, many organizations are looking for options to deal with their legacy Quickr environments.   Two key success factors are 1) Functionality, and 2) Ease of Migration.

A Quickr to DOCOVA migration meets both of these requirements.   DOCOVA has the functionality and the migration process, and yes, you really can do it yourself.

Ease of Migration

The DOCOVA Migration Manager is a complete solution for migrating an existing Quickr environment to DOCOVA.  Using the DOCOVA Migration Manager, companies can target single or multiple Quickr places to be migrated automatically to DOCOVA.

The structure of the Quickr content migrated to DOCOVA is very similar, as shown by the following diagrams.


Quickr and DOCOVA Structure Comparison

DOCOVA Features of Interest

DOCOVA has a variety of features that are of particular interest to users of Quickr.    These include the ability to configure Library (Place) specific group and user membership, the ability to open and save documents/files directly from within Microsoft Office applications, direct access to files via WebDAV, synchronization of files in DOCOVA to off-line locations on user PCs, and mobile access.


For additional details on the information in this article please see DIY – Migrating from IBM Quickr with DOCOVA Migration Tools.

For more information check out our Quickr Migration Toolkit Page.  It has a collection of assets related to Quickr migrations.

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