Welcome to blog series part 5 of 17 on migrating Notes apps to DOCOVA.  In this entry I’m going to talk about how file attachments are migrated over to DOCOVA.

When it comes to the importing of data from a Notes application to a DOCOVA application, the DOCOVA App Importer initially scans and detects all file attachments in the source nsf and keeps track of what form design elements contain an attachment.

As the import of form designs occurs, if a form had an attachment, not only will the App Importer import the form design element, but it will also add the DOCOVA file attachment element to that form.  The DOCOVA file attachment element is one of the most powerful file attachment handlers available for browser applications and allows for things like editing files in-place, renaming files and much more.


If you’re using DOCOVA on Domino then attachments remain with their newly created associated document in DOCOVA.  In non-Domino DOCOVA instances the file attachments are moved and stored on the new server’s file system and associated to their parent document/record.  No matter what the backend platform is, Domino or SQL, from a user’s perspective the DOCOVA interface is always the same, showing the attachments on their documents via the DOCOVA file attachment element.

All attachments in DOCOVA are full-text indexed regardless of platform so that all attachments are part of the full-text searching capabilities of DOCOVA.

You can fast-track and get all the whitepapers on our migration methodology and everything that is being discussed in this series of posts.  Specifically, you can get the DOCOVA Notes/Domino Migration Methodology – MIGRATE whitepaper which goes over these technical aspects.

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