Welcome to blog series part 11 of 17 on migrating Notes apps to DOCOVA. In this entry I’m going to talk about “Pass-thru HTML and Generate HTML for all fields”.

A neat aspect of forms development in Notes was the ability to treat text on a form as pass-thru HTML.  This meant that you could add HTML and inline JavaScript directly onto your forms and mark it as pass-thru so that the Domino server would let the text “pass-thru” as HTML/JavaScript when the form was being rendered via a browser.

DOCOVA’s App Builder allows developers to achieve the same thing so that they can put HTML and inline JavaScript directly onto a form/subform.  Aside from a typical “block” of HTML, DOCOVA allows the developer to surround other elements, like Computed Text as an example.  Hence something like ComputedText can be leveraged in the pass-thru HTML or JavaScript.  For example, a developer can hide or show content based on an @formula placed in Computed Text in the style of an HTML element.

This functionality opens up a huge variety of permutation around mixing HTML/JavaScript and elemental constructs.

When importing Notes applications into DOCOVA, text marked as pass-thru HTML/JavaScript is treated in a similar fashion and supported in DOCOVA.

On Notes forms, when rendered in a browser, if a field was computed, computed for display or computed when composed, there was no “id” or “name” attributes assigned to those fields, meaning, there was no way to address those fields.  So, turn on “Generate HTML for all fields” and voila, now you had a way to address these fields.

Since DOCOVA supports computed, computed for display and computed when composed fields, we felt it was fitting for DOCOVA to always auto-generate the relevant HTML for those types of fields so that they are always accessible in the browser for whatever your functionality needs are.

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