DOCOVA® Notes/Domino® Migration Methodology™:  ANALYZE Phase

How long will it take? How much will it cost?

The first phase in the DOCOVA® Notes/Domino® Migration Methodology™ is the ANALYZE phase.  It is a no-cost analysis designed to start helping companies get answers to critical questions for the migration project ahead.

The ANALYZE phase leverages the DOCOVA Analyzer™, a tool that is purpose-built specifically for the process of migra ting Notes applicati ons to DOCOVA.  Initi ally used during this phase, the DOCOVA Analyzer™ is leveraged throughout your migrati on.

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  • No cost or commitment
  • Introduction to the DOCOVA® Notes/Domino® Migration Methodology™
  • Get a high-level project cost esti mate
  • Get a high-level project ti me esti mate
  • Insight into the complexity of your applicati ons
  • Informa tion to gain project support internally
  • Start to gain confidence in the success of the project


  • Analysis Report
  • High-level Project Es timate (Time/Cost)
  • High Level Project Plan

Tools Used

  • DOCOVA Analyzer™

Migrating Notes Apps Overview (1 min)

Next Steps

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