Last week IBM made the announcement they were entering into an arrangement with HCL. The gist of it is that they are using HCL to do future development on Notes and Domino and a few other collaboration products.

This news appeared on several blogs after it was announced by HCL.  IBM delivered the news to IBM partners October 26.  There were rumors floating around Social Connections 2017 that IBM was preparing to sell off Notes and Domino.  This seems to be the basis of those rumors.

Frankly, I do no think it really matters what IBM does at this point.  This could help customers and partners who are sitting on the fence about staying with the platform.  The problem is that most of the investment for a product is driven by new license sales, and when it comes to Notes and Domino there is not much of that going on.

It will be interesting to see how this announcement is interpreted.  The four year flip flop message around V10 cannot be helping customers or partners.

Notes and Domino are great products, which is the reason so many customers are still running critical business applications on the platform.  For DOCOVA, Domino provides significant advantages over SQL in a lot of ways.  Replication for example.

DOCOVA was originally delivered on Domino.  We invested in the development of DOCOVA SE, the SQL Edition, in reaction to the fear, uncertainty and doubt that surrounds the IBM platform.  Make no mistake, Domino is still an excellent platform.  The reason we now have a focus on converting Notes apps to SQL is not because of a technology limitation.  It is a reaction to demand from Notes and Domino community.

If the partnership with HCL results in Domino once again becoming a market leader, well, nothing would please us more. Time will tell.