When it comes to training, flexibility is key.

Administrators often want to understand the depth of functionality available so they can understand how to solve more than one business issue. Users often only need to understand how to use the application that was configured for them. There is little value for them to learn about features they will never use. We have DOCOVA training for both types of users.

With a lot of companies these days workers are not actually in the office on a day to day basis. They are also doing a lot more, and time to attend traditional training is difficult to schedule.  Online training offers the ability to take the training when time is available, and move a long at a pace that suits the student. We have a variety of online training options, including custom course development.


Sometimes when it comes to training a “captured audience” is preferable. It is much easier to explain complex topics and for students to collaborate with themselves and with teachers. At DOCOVA we have delivered classroom training, generic and custom, at customer sites all over the world.

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