The DOCOVA User Profile

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DOCOVA Delegates allow you to designate one or more users to Review or Approve documents on your behalf. For example, if you are going away on vacation.

  • A Delegate is notified when they are set as your Delegate
  • If ‘Notifications’ is set to Yes, your Delegate will be notified at the same time that you are notified to complete a workflow step
  • A Delegate must have read access to a document in order to complete the workflow step on your behalf
  • Documents that are pending a workflow action that is assigned to you will NOT show in your Delegate’s workflow ‘to do’ list. The ability to Review or Approve as a Delegate is only evaluated when a document is opened.
  • When a Delegate Reviews/Approves on your behalf, the Audit Log records the name of the user that completed the action and that it was done on your behalf.