Creating Applications

DOCOVA’s simple yet powerful development module, App-Builder, was designed to make it easy for business users as well as developers to create applications.  Let’s get started!

The first step is to create the new Application.  To do this, click the Create Application option in the Workspace.

Standard Workspace

Tiled Workspace

If you do not see the Create Application option, then you need to contact your DOCOVA administrator, as they will need to update your profile to allow you to create applications.

Complete the New Application dialog:  Title, Description, Icon and Icon Color.

By default, you will create a blank application with no design elements in it; a ‘blank canvas’ if you will.

Optionally, you can base your new application on an existing Template.   Applications created from Templates contain the selected Template design without any data.    You can then use the application as is, or modify it to suit your needs.

After a short pause, the new application will be created on the server, and will be displayed in My Recently Used Apps.

You are now ready to begin designing and creating your application.

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