DOCOVA Public File Access Webinar

Public File Access is a feature of DOCOVA that allows Users to make files that are contained in DOCOVA, publicly accessible to external Users that do not have access to DOCOVA.

Although not exactly new to DOCOVA, Public File Access has been more tightly integrated with DOCOVA 4.5 by implementing it through the Send Email Notification dialog. If Customers have the Public File Access option enabled, they will see an additional option on the Send Email Notification dialog called “Allow Public Access to File(s)”.

When the new option is selected, Users can select whether a password is required by the Recipient to gain access to the file(s). Users can choose to make all files on the document available, or just a selection of the available files. An Expiration date can be set in order to only allow public access to the files for a set amount of time.

Upon sending the Notification, Recipients will receive a link to the files where they can safely access them.

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