DOCOVA’s Application Gallery

Use Cases

Applications that are built in-house give organizations a competitive edge for building and selling better products and services, improving customer service, and saving time and money. There are many areas in which any company can become better, faster, and more efficient. 

Areas like Business Process Management, Legal, Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, Change Management, Customer Experience, Document Management, Quality Management and Corporate Governance are a few key business functions that require continuous improvement for companies to stay competitive in today’s fast-moving environment.

What can I build?

Whether you want to create applications for desktop, tablet or mobile, DOCOVA can get you there. Below are several examples of applications for DOCOVA. You will no doubt find some that are useful to you. Ask us about our pre-built templates. Citizen developers and IT can get started quickly by creating new applications using templates. 

You can fully customize your application further, plus, you can fully customize templates to meet your specific business requirements.