Notes Mail Integrator


Notes Mail Integrator integrates separate platforms—between Notes and Exchange or Office 365, for example—so your users can collaborate during a migration.

  Automated integration

Notes Mail Integrator automatically sets up short- or even long-term integration. This lets users on different platforms coexist in a more seamless environment. Notes Mail Integrator keeps continuity in end users’ email and calendars, which lets them focus on their job. That means less costly, wasteful downtime.


With Notes Mail Integrator, users benefit from a familiar mail experience on day one. So they can keep collaborating without interruption.

Calendar ease

Notes Mail Integrator keeps calendars correctly updated with all the details. It preserves things like meeting rooms, resources, and any attachments. It even keeps more complex recurring calendar appointments.


After a merger or acquisition, a great first step to unify your organization is to unify your directories, mail lists, and calendars. This lets your users collaborate from day one and paves the way for a single brand.


When users are on different tools, scheduling meetings can be a challenge. Notes Mail Integrator gives seamless free/busy lookup on calendars—which makes scheduling appointments as easy as ever.

  Synchronized directory

If users can’t find others in a directory, it’s harder for them to collaborate. Notes Mail Integrator helps solve this challenge by synchronizing user directories. It lets users quickly search a common directory to find their team members.