Domino and Notes Application Migrator


How long will it take?  How much will it cost?  What are your options?  We have the answers.

Domino and Notes Application Migrator is an automated solution for migrating your custom Domino applications ‘like-for-like’ to modern web applications in the Microsoft Azure cloud, Amazon Web Services, the DOCOVA cloud, your private cloud or on-premises.  Applications retain 100% of their user interface, business logic, security, database schema and data. After being migrated, the applications can be launched by your end users from the Microsoft Office 365 portal, SharePoint, your own portal or DOCOVA’s Application Workspace.  With little to no training the new web applications can be operated as they were before, or quickly modified using DOCOVA’s fun and intuitive low-code visual interface.

DOCOVA is the most complete and cost effective, end-to-end solution for transforming your legacy Notes and Domino environment to help you achieve the next generation enterprise you need for today’s fast paced and quickly changing digital world.

  1. Analyze

We will analyze your Notes and Domino environment and individual applications to determine the budget and timeline required.  There are two types of analysis.  The first is an environmental analysis.  The second is a design analysis.  The design analysis is a specific analysis of each Notes application that interrogates design elements and code.  It identifies potential design issues when migrating the application to a browser environment and provides an idea for how long it will take to convert the application.  The analysis will provide you with the insight to drive down time, costs and risk.

  3. Migrate

After the PLAN phase, select applications are migrated and/or archived “like-for-like” to web applications with SQL as the backend hosted in the cloud or on-premises with 100% of their user interface, business logic, security, database schema and data intact. To reduce the impact to your users and IT, the transformation can be staged.  The solution can be hosted on Microsoft Azure, AWS, the DOCOVA cloud on-premises and more.

  2. Plan

After the analysis is completed, we will assist you to build a custom roadmap for retiring your Domino applications and environment that meets your requirements while mitigating risks and controlling the costs related to the transformation.

  4. Manage

Your migrated applications are now transformed and your end users can easily access and launch them from the DOCOVA Workspace, Office 365, SharePoint or your own custom portal. In addition, single sign-on can be enabled to the applications via your Office 365 portal or any other authentication authority.  Easily modify your migrating applications or create new business applications with DOCOVA’s comprehensive and easy-to-use visual development interface.