Archive Your Notes Applications

When migrating your Notes application, you may just want to archive some of them rather than fully migrate them.  DOCOVA provides the perfect solution because it allows you to archive the application and keep the information in them available and in context moving forward.

We have the migration tool-set to migrate complex notes applications, however, when you’re just looking to archive your Notes apps, we just leave out the business logic, meaning the code (LotusScript, @formula/@command, agents).

Most importantly, when you use DOCOVA as an archiving solution, your applications are not stuck on some platform that is disparate from other systems.  Archiving Notes applications to DOCOVA ensures flexible accessibility moving forward.

Data Integrity

Archived applications maintain all of their field data and rich-text content as it was in the original application.


The new archived applications are read-only.

Full-Text Searchable

Archived applications remain full-text searchable, including all file attachments.  You can search across one or many applications simultaneously in the DOCOVA interface.


Archived applications keep their security intact.  Accessibility to information based on user and group access levels are maintained for the application and its contained documents.

User Training

Since the archived application maintains certain design elements, the “like-for-like” transformation of the application leaves the familiar user interface intact.  This means that users who access the archived application already know how to navigate the application to find the information they need and don’t require any training on how to use it.

Document Relationships

All document relationships are maintained in archived applications.  All parent-child relationships as well as all doclinks are kept intact.

Integration with Other Apps and External Systems

Once they are in DOCOVA, archived applications can be integrated with other applications that are built in DOCOVA.  Additionally, the archived applications can be leveraged by external applications through DOCOVA’s API and Web Services.

Additionally, once transformed into archived applications, they can be run standalone just like any other DOCOVA app.  This means archived apps can be organized into other interfaces like Office 365 and SharePoint.