Migrate Notes App Data to In-House or 3rd Party Applications

Migrate your Notes application data to your own in-house built application or some other 3rd party application that you’ve decided to use.

Often when organizations are leaving the IBM Notes and Domino platform, they plan on replacing certain Notes applications with in-house built solutions or other 3rd party applications.  We can help you make that transition successful!

One of the major challenges when moving from a complex Notes application to a different application solution is not just the application design and business logic, but also the data.

We have the tools to help get your there

We’ve already built the complex tools required to migrate Notes applications, and their data.  If it’s just the data you need then we can help you with that.  By leveraging DOCOVA migration tools, you can migrate your Notes applications to an SQL database environment.  From there, the data can be mapped and migrated to the application structure of your target application, saving you a lot of time and money in the process.