DOCOVA’s Microsoft Integration

If you use any of Microsoft’s software offerings, or you’re thinking about it, DOCOVA provides key integrations enabling companies to easily provide a smooth and seamless environment for online business users.

Office 365 Integration

When you create applications with DOCOVA, you can manage and run those applications using DOCOVA’s workspace, or run those applications standalone via other interfaces and O365 is no exception. DOCOVA apps can be added to O365’s App Launcher, allowing quick and easy access for users who live in the O365 environment.

Azure Active Directory Authentication – Single Sign-on

DOCOVA can be easily configured for single sign-on with O365 via Azure Active Directory (AAD). Once users have signed into their Microsoft account, they will automatically be authenticated with DOCOVA for a streamlined user experience.

Azure Cloud

Run DOCOVA in the Microsoft Azure cloud. Building new applications in DOCOVA only requires a browser, with nothing to install. Then hook those apps up to the O365 portal or Sharepoint.

SharePoint Integration

DOCOVA applications can be run stand-alone. That means companies can integrate them with portals like SharePoint with ease. Adding DOCOVA apps to your SharePoint environment along with single sign-on allows companies to create a seemless integrated user experience across their whole environment.

SQL Server

DOCOVA can run on many different database back-ends, including Microsoft SQL Server. Whether in the Azure cloud or on your own in-house servers DOCOVA is flexible to meet your environmental requirements.

Windows Desktop

When building applications in DOCOVA, DOCOVA exposes access to Microsoft Windows. This allows companies to power their applications by integrating them with MS Word, Excel and the file system. Indeed, companies can integrate with any of the software on their desktop that provides an interface, like an API to integrate with.

On Premises Solutions

DOCOVA can be installed on your own Microsoft servers, using your in-house SQL Server environment with Active Directory on IIS plus Windows Integrated Authentication with Azure Active Directory. This allows users to log into their computer using Window and automatically be authenticated with O365 and DOCOVA. DOCOVA also integrates with Outlook/Exchange.