The DOCOVA Workspace

DOCOVA allows you to manage and interact with application through it’s workspace interface for desktop/notebook and tablet computers as well as mobile phones.  Users can choose to use the Standard Workspace or the Tiled Workspace on desktops or mobile, whichever they like best.

On the right, the top graphic show the Standard Workspace, which is the default workspace you start with in DOCOVA.

The second graphic on the right is the Tiled Workspace.  It shows applications as tiles on a panel.  You can have several named panels with applications on them.

The bottom graphic shows the Standard and Tiled mobile workspaces as they appear when navigating through the DOCOVA Mobile application.

Standard Workspace

Sample Application

The images on the right show a simple Issues Tracking application, developed in only a few hours.

The top image shows the layout which contains a menu on the left hand side which navigates to several views that are shown in the main pane of the application.  The top image shows some of the ways in which data can be shown in DOCOVA in a view.

The bottom image shows the form that is used to create Issues in the Issue Tracking application.  You can choose to open forms in applications into their own application tabs or into dialogs depending the user experience you want to build.

Standard Workspace


Views are the most prevalent way to view documents in DOCOVA. They are very powerful tools that help to depict information in different ways. As can be seen in images on the right, the view can show document/record field information in different contexts and data types.

The top image to the right shows a typical DOCOVA view.

The second image on the right shows categorization in DOCOVA views.  Categorization is the ability to group data together under the same values.  When you add columns like number columns, you can easily total the columns as a sum or average or count and DOCOVA will automatically insert sub-totals for each category level and then a grand total.

The third image down shows a Calendar view.  In DOCOVA, it only takes a single click to turn your view into a Calendar view that shows, month, week and daily depictions.

The fourth image down shows a Gantt Chart view in DOCOVA.  This too only takes a single click to enable.

Standard Workspace


Forms are used to capture information in applications.  They may take the form of an invoice, survey or vacation request or widget or a game interface.

Some examples are shown in the images on the right, including a Sudoku game interface.

DOCOVA Workflow

The first image on the right is an example of what the design interface for a Workflow looks like in App Builder.

Workflow elements are dragged and dropped and connected together create the workflow flowchart for the workflow processes you want.

The second image on the right shows an example of how the workflow is shown on a document as the document is going through it’s workflow.

The workflow steps are shown as arrows and can be clicked on to reveal more information about the step.  The sequential arrow depiction might change depending on the route of a workflow.

Standard Workspace

DOCOVA Reporting

Although you can create sophisticated views in DOCOVA that are like reports, and export the information into applications like Excel, DOCOVA applications can be leveraged by reporting tools like MS SQL Server Report Builder to create reports.

The first image on the right shows MS SQL Server Report Builder browser interface leveraging data from a DOCOVA application for the report design being used.

The second image shows the Reporting tab of a DOCOVA application’s properties where the data in the app that drives the reports can be refreshed manually or set to refresh on a schedule.

The third image is a example of being able to have interactive parameters with the reporting tool while generating reports using application driven data.

The forth image show the ability to leverage reporting tool capabilities like the ability to create PDFs of a generated report.

Standard Workspace

Dashboards and Charts

DOCOVA is chalk full of elements that enable you to create useful applications that deliver visual impact and clarity through the use of dashboards and elements like counter boxes and charts.  These elements are rapidly implemented by dragging and dropping them onto your layout and using point and click property interfaces to configure them in minutes.  Easy, fast and impactful.

Standard Workspace

The App Builder

The App Builder is DOCOVA’s integrated development environment (IDE) for creating applications.  Managing the design of applications for desktops, tablets and mobile devices are all organized in this one interface.

The first image on the right shows the App Builder application interface.  The App Builder provides a cohesive way to manage the designs of all your applications in one easy to use interface.  Each design element, for example forms or views, have their own design interface within App Builder.

The second image shows the list of Forms in an application.

The third image down shows the some of the Form layout elements on the left side of the form layout.

The forth image shows some form layout details of an Expense form sample.

The fifth image shows the mobile interface version of the same Expenses form.

Standard Workspace
Standard Workspace
Standard Workspace
Standard Workspace
Standard Workspace