In November 2015, DOCOVA will be WebDAV enabled.  For those who are unfamiliar with WebDAV it stands for Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning and basically allows you to map a drive on your computer, like the T: drive, to WebDAV enabled repositories like DOCOVA.

For our Customers that are looking to migrate from IBM Quickr to DOCOVA and have used some of the Quickr integration tools, this WebDAV integration facilitates similar benefits.  Read more below in the Quickr Migration Customers section.

Working closely with our Dutch Business Partner Lialis B.V. (, DOCOVA is now one of the solutions for the File Jockey product offering.  File Jockey not only enables WebDAV integration with DOCOVA for MS Windows machines through mapped drives and Apple machines through OSX Finder, but also with Google Android and Apple iOS devices.


  • open, delete, copy and paste files/folders
  • integrates with your Desktop software
  • use it on your MS Windows or Apple machines
  • use with your iOS or Android devices
  • secure – uses SSL security at all times
  • leverages DOCOVA’s access control requirements
  • extends to WebDAV supporting printers and fax machines

As we deploy DOCOVA at Customer sites around the world, we’ve discovered that DOCOVA Users want to interact with it in many different ways. To address this over the years we’ve added different options to DOCOVA like file-sync, desktop integration with products like MS Office and e-mail, as well as our plug-in DOCOVA Explorer. WebDAV represents another of these options allowing Customers the freedom to engage DOCOVA in ways that best enable the way they want to work.

Quickr Migration Customers

For our customers that are looking to migrate off of the IBM Quickr product, DOCOVA is the ideal solution. Read more on Quickr migrations to DOCOVA in these blog posts, DOCOVA Version 4.5.1 and IBM Quickr Migrations and Chris’ Quickr migration blog entry.

As an example showing how easy it is to integrate, Customers that use IBM Notes mail and also used the Quickr sidebar plugin can quickly and easily get the same functionality with DOCOVA by installing the free open source OpenNTF File Navigator sidebar plugin ( allowing Users to easily integrate files from DOCOVA with their mail. See the image below.



WebDAV is currently available for DOCOVA on IBM Domino platforms. Look for future posts when we are ready on DOCOVA SE.