DOCOVA V3.5 includes Document Activities, tasks that are tied to a particular document(s).  Activities allow you to notify a user of an action that requires attention or a response regarding a particular DOCOVA document.

Creating Activities

A document owner may create an Activity for a particular document and assign that Activity to a user or group of users by using the Activity button at the top right of a document.

Viewing Activities

Activities will appear in one of three places.

Pending activities will appear (if configured) on a recipients’ DOCOVA Home Page.

Pending activities will appear as a floating list when the document is opened.

Pending and Completed Activities will appear in the Document Activities tab in the More section of a Document.

Completing Activities

Users complete their activities by clicking on the activity description, and then selecting the Done button.

Activities can require an Acknowledgement. Once an Activity has been completed, it is removed from the activities list on the document and on the Home Page.

Note: Activities are not emailed to recipients.  Users will only see their activities within the DOCOVA interface. (see viewing activities below for details)