In our last DOCOVA V3.5 preview post the improved Administrator Experience  was demonstrated.  This enhancement will allow administrators to configure DOCOVA directly from the web interface vs a desktop client.

The approach has been adopted for the creation of meta data.  In previous releases, the Eclipse based Designer client was external to DOCOVA and developer focused.  In DOCOVA V3.5, a web-based designer client is available, allowing users that may not have developer skills the ability to quickly create forms via the browser interface.  These forms can then be added to DOCOVA DocTypes along with features like workflow, version control…etc.

Users with the appropriate access will see a “Designer” tab on the DOCOVA interface.  When they click this tab they will be able to drag and drop meta data fields onto a form.  The fields can then be configured by editing the properties.

See more of the new DOCOVA Developer Experience and the many other enhancements contained in DOCOVA V3.5 at our overview event on October 18th. Reserve your seat to the online event here.