We are excited to announce that we have reached a partner agreement with panagenda for their ApplicationInsights Notes database analysis solution. This will go a long way to helping us achieve our goal being able to offer our customers the most comprehensive and sound end-to-end Notes migration offering on the planet.

In many cases, customers who want to migrate off the Notes and Domino platform are not ready for us.  The reality is that often they do not know what they need to migrate. In some cases, they are not exactly sure which Notes apps are being used, who is using them, and how often.

While we have the DOCOVA Analyzer tool, it is not designed to help customers triage their inventory of Notes applications down to a final list.  Instead it provides us with the information we need to provide budgetary estimates for the actual migration.  Many customers have yet to do the environmental analysis to determine what needs to be migrated. For this reason we have gone looking for a tool that can do the environmental analysis, and we have settled on ApplicationInsights from panagenda. AI will allow us to help customers easily identify high value targets and allow us to migrate those targets efficiently and effectively and at the same time provide progressive project feedback.

Check out this technical review from one of our senior developers, David Wice, who has been through the ApplicationInsights partner enablement.

We see ApplicationInsights as one of the key tools that fits into the Analysis and Planning Phases of our DOCOVA Migration Methodology

To learn more, register for one of our  joint DOCOVA panagenda webinars.  We will be demonstrating how ApplicationInsights can help you determine what needs to be migrated, and demonstrate a live custom Notes app migration using DOCOVA.