Brotherhood Mutual has provided insurance solutions for America’s churches and related ministries for more than 90 years.  They have been a DOCOVA Cloud customer since 2013 and recently became the first client to upgrade to DOCOVA 4.5.

Brotherhood Mutual’s DOCOVA instance is hosted on DOCOVA’s Cloud solution.   They have eight users that access the system and use it to store the various forms used by their business.  Since their instance is on DOCOVA’s Cloud, the DOCOVA server upgrade would need to be performed by, and, since Brotherhood Mutual’s PC environment is locked down, the client upgrade would need to be performed by Brotherhood Mutual’s IT staff. (as opposed to users doing their own install via the install link in the About page)

Prior to the upgrade reviewed the document types in use and checked the one custom subform that was used for design elements that needed to be upgraded.  There were a couple date fields that were easily upgraded.  Elapsed time for this update was about five minutes.

The server upgrade was performed using the DOCOVA Upgrade Utility.   This automated process walks the operator through the upgrade process.  The longest part of the upgrade was waiting for the backups to be created; the actual upgrade itself took around 10 minutes.   The server upgrade was started at 9am and completed by 10:45am.   One false error was observed when the DOCOVA browser client was accessed using a DOCOVA Cloud admin id, which was that the Dashboard was not loading properly.   The issue turned out to be the user limit restriction set in the Cloud configuration. Authorized users could access the system fine.

Next Brotherhood Mutual’s IT staff upgraded client PCs and ran into an issue running the installation program.  Using a standard or domain admin account, the install would fail with an error when updating the hosts file.   In order for the install to complete, the user running the installation needed to be an admin on the local PC.   This was not a DOCOVA issue, but standard Windows security.

Another issue that came up was disabling Compatibility Mode for the DOCOVA site in Microsoft Internet Explorer®.  DOCOVA was working fine in Chrome™ and Firefox®, but not in Internet Explorer®.  We checked the Compatibility settings in Internet Explorer® since in order for DOCOVA to work prior to version 4.5, Compatibility Mode had to be enabled.  With 4.5, it needed to be disabled.   We looked at the Compatibility settings and it appeared to be disabled, however DOCOVA was still displaying as if Compatibility mode were enabled.  This was finally traced to a global Internet Explorer® policy that had been pushed out to all users, which was overriding the user settings.   Once the policy was updated, all was well.

…until the next day when the main user tried to save a document to DOCOVA from within Microsoft Word® using the DOCOVA Explorer add-in.  The save would not work and any DOCOVA Explorer navigation was throwing JS errors.  This was finally traced to an issue with the DOCOVA Explorer installer not setting a registry entry correctly.  An update was provided the next day and the issue was resolved.

DOCOVA 4.5 has been running for over two weeks now without any issues and the improved interface has been well received by Brotherhood Mutual’s users.

“We really appreciate that the most recent version of DOCOVA has the same great features and is just as easy to use,” says Lana Wright, Network Engineer. “Our users tell us that being able to access the system in various web browsers has been incredibly helpful.”