IBM Announces a Change is Coming to the Notes & Domino Life Cycle Policy


IBM recently posted this announcement. This is really an announcement that there will be an announcement.  Lets take a guess at what could be coming. The lifecycle policy defines the length of time that a product is supported following its release.  For IBM Notes it is classified as Enhanced, or 5 + 3.  The product will be supported for 5 years since the date it was released, with 3 more years  optional if a [...]

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DOCOVA SE Migration Case Study – Bradock Consulting


Bradock Consulting was involved for more than a decade customizing and supporting an IBM Domino Document Manager based system for one of Australia's largest listed companies.  The system managed in excess of 350,000 documents and drawings contained in over 250 Lotus Notes Application Databases.  These databases were heavily customized to provide for far more complex workflow, external system integration and reporting than could be provided by the standard "out of the box" IBM product. [...]

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DLI Uploader End of Life Announcement


In 2014 we announced that we were ending sales and support of the DLI.Uploader ActiveX component as part of our continuing focus on our flagship DOCOVA product. At that time we provided customers with the ability to continue obtaining maintenance and support for DLI.Uploader by subscribing to maintenance and support of our DOCOVA software product which included Uploader as a component. In recent years the role of ActiveX components in browser applications has been [...]

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Is 2017 The Year IBM Announces the End of Life of Notes?


Update Feb 13, 2018 Obviously not, but there have been several recent developments.  IBM announced that future development of Notes and Domino will be done by HCL.  They are saying this represents renewed commitment to the product.  Some see this as a cost cutting measure.   Last week it was announced that Ed Brill would be leaving IBM.  Ed was a pillar of the Notes and Domino community for years and was seen as the [...]

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DOCOVA Migrator Deep Dive Recap Video


This is a video recap of the technical webinar we had on April 21, 2016.  Chris Fales lead attendees through our DOCOVA Migrator.  He migrated a subset of data from a Quickr place to a DOCOVA Instance.  The goal was to provide enough information for attendees to decide if they could do the migration themselves or contract it out. Click the image below to view the video (23 min)   If you [...]

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EngageUG 2016 Recap


For a fourth year, DOCOVA attended the EngageUG conference in Europe.  This year, David Wice accompanied me,  giving customers the opportunity to put a face to the name of their new account manager.  Dave transitioned from a technical role, spending years at DLI as a developer and consultant. We started the week by meeting with a customer in Hoofddorp, near Amsterdam, where we showed the multilingual capabilities of DOCOVA SE, the SQL edition of our product. [...]

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DOCOVA Version 4.5.1 and IBM Quickr Migrations


Available in the first half of November, we are releasing DOCOVA 4.5.1 on the heels of DOCOVA 4.5. What’s new in 4.5.1 is that we’ve added some elements specifically for IBM Quickr® migrations.  DOCOVA customers will be able to continue to create and share information internally and externally much in the same way that they were able to with Quickr. For more information on migrating Quickr to DOCOVA, you can read Chris’ blog entry [...]

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In November 2015, DOCOVA will be WebDAV enabled.  For those who are unfamiliar with WebDAV it stands for Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning and basically allows you to map a drive on your computer, like the T: drive, to WebDAV enabled repositories like DOCOVA. For our Customers that are looking to migrate from IBM Quickr to DOCOVA and have used some of the Quickr integration tools, this WebDAV integration facilitates similar benefits.  Read more below [...]

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DOCOVA V4.5 – Feature Quick Tour


By default, DOCOVA V4.5 is zero footprint. That means that the majority of users who just consume content will NOT have to download any software on their computers.  No browser plugins required, no compatibility view settings, and the full interface will run on most operating systems and devices. That includes Mac, Windows and iPads.  For both existing and new customers, that means applications can be rolled out to more users and faster deployments. DOCOVA V4.5 [...]

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DOCOVA on a Mac


As you are aware we are working hard to make DOCOVA a zero footprint install. This involves rewriting it for Standards Mode. Today I was given access to a test instance and was hitting it with my Macbook and Safari. As you can see from the image below the basic functionality is now working. There is no client component by default, so for the general user this will be fine. If they need to [...]

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