DOCOVA SE Migration Case Study – Bradock Consulting


Bradock Consulting was involved for more than a decade customizing and supporting an IBM Domino Document Manager based system for one of Australia's largest listed companies.  The system managed in excess of 350,000 documents and drawings contained in over 250 Lotus Notes Application Databases.  These databases were heavily customized to provide for far more complex workflow, external system integration and reporting than could be provided by the standard "out of the box" IBM product. [...]

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DLI Uploader End of Life Announcement


In 2014 we announced that we were ending sales and support of the DLI.Uploader ActiveX component as part of our continuing focus on our flagship DOCOVA product. At that time we provided customers with the ability to continue obtaining maintenance and support for DLI.Uploader by subscribing to maintenance and support of our DOCOVA software product which included Uploader as a component. In recent years the role of ActiveX components in browser applications has been [...]

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DOCOVA Version 4.5.1 and IBM Quickr Migrations


Available in the first half of November, we are releasing DOCOVA 4.5.1 on the heels of DOCOVA 4.5. What’s new in 4.5.1 is that we’ve added some elements specifically for IBM Quickr® migrations.  DOCOVA customers will be able to continue to create and share information internally and externally much in the same way that they were able to with Quickr. For more information on migrating Quickr to DOCOVA, you can read Chris’ blog entry [...]

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DOCOVA V4.5 – Feature Quick Tour


By default, DOCOVA V4.5 is zero footprint. That means that the majority of users who just consume content will NOT have to download any software on their computers.  No browser plugins required, no compatibility view settings, and the full interface will run on most operating systems and devices. That includes Mac, Windows and iPads.  For both existing and new customers, that means applications can be rolled out to more users and faster deployments. DOCOVA V4.5 [...]

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What is the Difference between SharePoint and DOCOVA?


We get that question .. a lot.  I recently read a blog post from Marten Vosmer from Marten is a long time Lotus professional, and has recently been involved in several SharePoint projects.   In his blog, he makes the a comparison between Domino and SharePoint. "Domino gives you nothing but allows you develop anything.  SharePoint gives you everything and allows you to develop nothing." He admits this is a broad brush type comment, [...]

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