DOCOVA Partners with panagenda


We are excited to announce that we have reached a partner agreement with panagenda for their ApplicationInsights Notes database analysis solution. This will go a long way to helping us achieve our goal being able to offer our customers the most comprehensive and sound end-to-end Notes migration offering on the planet. In many cases, customers who want to migrate off the Notes and Domino platform are not ready for us.  The reality is that often they [...]

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Domino 2025 Idea Jam


I attended the live jam session when the show came to Toronto a few weeks back. I have been reading blog posts from others who have attended these sessions.  Everyone is trying to be positive, which is a good thing. IBM stressed that the arrangement with HCL represented significant investment in Notes and Domino. I asked "how much?".   The answer back was that IBM does not release that kind of info.  That's too bad, [...]

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New Features Added for Former Quickr Customers


We have been doing Quickr migration projects for a few years now.  One of our early projects involved the migration of more than 400 Quickr places and the support for more than 4500 users.   Based on the needs of that customer, we added several features to DOCOVA such as: The ability to register users to a library when they are not in the corporate directory The ability to notify users when new content is [...]

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IBM Extends Support for Notes V9.0.1 to 2021


The announcement IBM indicated was coming in September came.   It confirms that IBM will be extending support for the current version of Notes until "at least" 2021.  It also mentions that new features will be delivered as fix packs rather than new versions.  Some blogs have suggested that IBM is embarking on a continuous delivery model for features, which in my opinion is a good thing.  It would have been nice for them to [...]

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