Mobile Offline File Access & Mark Up


With the end of support for Quickr only a few weeks away we have been dealing with a lot of Quickr customer inquiries.   Three times in the past month we have run into Quickr customers wishing they had the ability to provide mobile users with off line access to  files, and the ability to mark up files.   By using a combination of DOCOVA, File Jockey and GoodReader you can do this. File Jockey [...]

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Announcing DOCOVA SE V4.5 – Standards Edition


We are happy to announce that DOCOVA SQL Edition V4.5 is available to Business Partners.  This new release will be available to Customers late summer or early fall of this year. In Q4 of last year we released DOCOVA V4.5 Standards Edition on the IBM Domino platform.  This release of the DOCOVA SQL Edition brings feature parity to all backend platforms offered by DOCOVA.  All of the powerful functionality that was contained in ActiveX/COM [...]

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2015 – Year In Review


Companies have been moving away from IBM Notes/Domino for a few years, and that trend continued in 2015. As we've watched the Notes/Domino community shrink, we've moved some of the eggs in our basket so that we are well positioned to help our clients in the future. This planning, and a large development effort, resulted in one of our biggest successes for 2015, the release of DOCOVA SE, our  SQL Edition.  SE is now live in [...]

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In November 2015, DOCOVA will be WebDAV enabled.  For those who are unfamiliar with WebDAV it stands for Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning and basically allows you to map a drive on your computer, like the T: drive, to WebDAV enabled repositories like DOCOVA. For our Customers that are looking to migrate from IBM Quickr to DOCOVA and have used some of the Quickr integration tools, this WebDAV integration facilitates similar benefits.  Read more below [...]

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DOCOVA 4.5 – Client Upgrade #1


Brotherhood Mutual has provided insurance solutions for America’s churches and related ministries for more than 90 years.  They have been a DOCOVA Cloud customer since 2013 and recently became the first client to upgrade to DOCOVA 4.5. Brotherhood Mutual’s DOCOVA instance is hosted on DOCOVA’s Cloud solution.   They have eight users that access the system and use it to store the various forms used by their business.  Since their instance is on DOCOVA’s Cloud, [...]

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DOCOVA SE (SQL Edition) vs. DOCOVA Domino/XWork


With the release of DOCOVA SE (SQL Edition) we thought that it would be a good opportunity to discuss some of the differences and similarities between the DOCOVA Domino/XWork and DOCOVA SE versions. Existing DOCOVA Domino/XWork customers considering transitioning to the DOCOVA SE edition will find the information of particular interest. To start with, let's do a quick review of some of the main similarities and differences between the two editions of DOCOVA.   [...]

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A New Look for the DOCOVA Support Portal


Chris Fales, our Director of Implementation and Support Services, has upgraded the DOCOVA Support Portal to V4.   He has also created widgets that can be added to the dashboard to provide easy access to information.  These widgets include: Tech Notes Downloads Support Tickets Of course any folder can be tagged to a favorite, which can also be displayed on the Dashboard. To use the new version you will need to download the latest DOCOVA Explorer.  [...]

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DOCOVA V3.5.2 Update Maintenance Release Available


The V3.5.2 Maintenance release of DOCOVA ECM is available online within the DOCOVA Customer Support Portal. V3.5.2 contains enhancements to the Mobile Experience, granular controls for locally-saved documents and files, and enhanced search capabilities. Customers on active maintenance are encouraged to review the release notes and download V3.5.2 from the DOCOVA Customer Support Portal.    

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Create a Contract Management Application in 5 minutes …


DOCOVA's power is often seen in its simplicity and sophistication. Take a process every organization has: Managing contracts and agreements. The contract process includes the full lifecycle of the agreement or contract: the  initial creation, modification & comparing, the review and approving of the final version, and then archiving the contract as part of the organization's records. If you need to simplify your contract management process, create a Contract Management application in DOCOVA in under [...]

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DOCOVA V3.5 Preview: Document Activities


DOCOVA V3.5 includes Document Activities, tasks that are tied to a particular document(s).  Activities allow you to notify a user of an action that requires attention or a response regarding a particular DOCOVA document. Creating Activities A document owner may create an Activity for a particular document and assign that Activity to a user or group of users by using the Activity button at the top right of a document. Viewing Activities Activities will [...]

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