IBM Sells off Notes and Domino to HCL


  IBM announced last week that it would be selling a group of collaborative software products to HCL for $ 1.8 billion. That group includes Notes and Domino. The sale is expected to be closed mid 2019. It was about this time last year that IBM announced a strategic partnership with HCL. They said that after more than a decade of neglect they were entering a period of renewed focus and would be increasing [...]

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Binary Tree Partners with DOCOVA


Press Release: DOCOVA® selected by Binary Tree to expand their IBM Domino applications transformation offering. TORONTO,ON – September 07, 2018 –  DLI Tools Inc announced today that the DOCOVA® business application development and management platform has been chosen to further expand and enhance Binary Tree Inc’s Domino applications transformation services. Binary Tree will provide the most comprehensive end-to-end transformation solution enabling organizations to migrate their complex Domino applications to Microsoft Office 365 and Azure. [...]

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DOCOVA Partners with panagenda


We are excited to announce that we have reached a partner agreement with panagenda for their ApplicationInsights Notes database analysis solution. This will go a long way to helping us achieve our goal being able to offer our customers the most comprehensive and sound end-to-end Notes migration offering on the planet. In many cases, customers who want to migrate off the Notes and Domino platform are not ready for us.  The reality is that often they [...]

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MWLUG 2017 – Recap


MWLUG 2017 in Virginia this past August, like most of the Lotus User Group type events,  was a gathering of the Notes Nation.   The theme this year was "Moving Collaboration Forward". This year the event saw record attendance, according to event champion Richard Moy.  The event was well organized and well run. As was the case in past years DOCOVA was a sponsor, although this time at the 11th hour. IBM was the primary [...]

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Calendar View Integration in DOCOVA V5


You've built a new application for your client and they love it. You're their hero. Two weeks later, they're back with a list of enhancement questions and new ideas. This can happen regardless how many requirements gathering sessions you have. Once the system is in Production and all the users start accessing it, the requests start to come in. One of these requests may be "Can we see the data in a Calendar format?". [...]

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Announcing DOCOVA SE V4.5 – Standards Edition


We are happy to announce that DOCOVA SQL Edition V4.5 is available to Business Partners.  This new release will be available to Customers late summer or early fall of this year. In Q4 of last year we released DOCOVA V4.5 Standards Edition on the IBM Domino platform.  This release of the DOCOVA SQL Edition brings feature parity to all backend platforms offered by DOCOVA.  All of the powerful functionality that was contained in ActiveX/COM [...]

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2015 – Year In Review


Companies have been moving away from IBM Notes/Domino for a few years, and that trend continued in 2015. As we've watched the Notes/Domino community shrink, we've moved some of the eggs in our basket so that we are well positioned to help our clients in the future. This planning, and a large development effort, resulted in one of our biggest successes for 2015, the release of DOCOVA SE, our  SQL Edition.  SE is now live in [...]

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DOCOVA Version 4.5.1 and IBM Quickr Migrations


Available in the first half of November, we are releasing DOCOVA 4.5.1 on the heels of DOCOVA 4.5. What’s new in 4.5.1 is that we’ve added some elements specifically for IBM Quickr® migrations.  DOCOVA customers will be able to continue to create and share information internally and externally much in the same way that they were able to with Quickr. For more information on migrating Quickr to DOCOVA, you can read Chris’ blog entry [...]

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In November 2015, DOCOVA will be WebDAV enabled.  For those who are unfamiliar with WebDAV it stands for Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning and basically allows you to map a drive on your computer, like the T: drive, to WebDAV enabled repositories like DOCOVA. For our Customers that are looking to migrate from IBM Quickr to DOCOVA and have used some of the Quickr integration tools, this WebDAV integration facilitates similar benefits.  Read more below [...]

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DOCOVA SE General Release Announcement!


The DOCOVA Team is proud to announce the general release of DOCOVA SE.  DOCOVA was originally developed on the IBM Domino platform however,  we experienced many Customers and Business Partners with a desire to transition from that environment.  So, DOCOVA transitioned too.  The “SE” stands for “SQL Edition” and runs on major SQL platforms like MySQL and SQL Server. For information on differences between the DOCOVA Domino/XWork and DOCOVA SE editions, check out this [...]

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