You’ve built a new application for your client and they love it. You’re their hero. Two weeks later, they’re back with a list of enhancement questions and new ideas. This can happen regardless how many requirements gathering sessions you have. Once the system is in Production and all the users start accessing it, the requests start to come in.

One of these requests may be “Can we see the data in a Calendar format?”. For those of us that have spent many years building Notes applications, this was a fairly simple request, just create a new view and set the view style to Calendar and add your fields. With DOCOVA, we wanted to make sure that it was a simple request in DOCOVA App Builder as well, and we’ve done it!

Thanks to the jQuery platform and the FullCalendar open source plug-in (, we have been able to provide a powerful calendar layout that is completely integrated with App Builder.  A Calendar view can be added as easily as adding a standard grid view. A configuration option toggles between the two layouts.

When Calendar is selected, the available options are shown on the Calendar Settings tab

From there, you just need to assign your date fields to applicable view columns

This allows you to show the same data in a grid layout

…and a calendar layout

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