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The Real Deal : Installing panagenda’s ApplicationInsights


Our DOCOVA Analyzer tool was not designed to help customers triage their inventory of Notes applications down to a final list, rather it was built to provide us with the information we need to provide budgetary estimates for the actual migration. We were well aware that there are several utilities on the market that provide this type of functionality, and we have chosen to partner with panagenda and their ApplicationInsights solution to bring our customers [...]

The Real Deal : Installing panagenda’s ApplicationInsights2018-09-13T19:27:21+00:00

Calendar View Integration in DOCOVA V5


You've built a new application for your client and they love it. You're their hero. Two weeks later, they're back with a list of enhancement questions and new ideas. This can happen regardless how many requirements gathering sessions you have. Once the system is in Production and all the users start accessing it, the requests start to come in. One of these requests may be "Can we see the data in a Calendar format?". [...]

Calendar View Integration in DOCOVA V52018-03-23T15:56:37+00:00

12 Apps in 18 Days – A Notes Migration Project


Jamesway Incubator, located in Cambridge Ontario, manufactures and sells incubators worldwide.   For years they have used IBM Notes and Domino collaboration products to automate business processes and share information with a staff located all over the world.  However, like many in the Notes and Domino community, a corporate decision was recently made to switch to Microsoft based technologies. Replacing Notes based email is relatively easy, since the migration tools and processes are well defined.  [...]

12 Apps in 18 Days – A Notes Migration Project2018-03-23T15:57:26+00:00

@DbLookup in Javascript? You Bet!


When moving Notes applications from a Notes client to a web client, there are a number of design approaches that need to be changed.   While Domino will support many @Functions on the web, often they come with the unwanted side effect of a refresh of the form.  One example of this is drop down selection fields that present available values based on a lookup, where the lookup key comes from another field on the [...]

@DbLookup in Javascript? You Bet!2018-03-23T16:04:04+00:00

Migrating Quickr to DOCOVA is simple. Here’s why.


With the end of life for IBM's Quickr product coming in September 2016, many organizations are looking for options to deal with their legacy Quickr environments.   Two key success factors are 1) Functionality, and 2) Ease of Migration. A Quickr to DOCOVA migration meets both of these requirements.   DOCOVA has the functionality and the migration process, and yes, you really can do it yourself. Ease of Migration The DOCOVA Migration Manager is a complete solution for migrating [...]

Migrating Quickr to DOCOVA is simple. Here’s why.2018-03-23T16:43:31+00:00

2015 – Year In Review


Companies have been moving away from IBM Notes/Domino for a few years, and that trend continued in 2015. As we've watched the Notes/Domino community shrink, we've moved some of the eggs in our basket so that we are well positioned to help our clients in the future. This planning, and a large development effort, resulted in one of our biggest successes for 2015, the release of DOCOVA SE, our  SQL Edition.  SE is now live in [...]

2015 – Year In Review2015-12-30T17:33:30+00:00
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