The IBM Connect Conference,  which used to be Lotusphere until it was re-branded several years back, is to be held in San Francisco February 20-23 2017.  As you are probably aware, for more than two decades this event was held at the Disney complex in Orlando.  This is the first time the event is to be held on the West Coast of the USA. It has also been pushed back a month on the calendar.

I personally have been to 18 of these events, starting out back in the day when you continuously cycled your browser refresh button, around the time the registration page live time hit, hoping to get a spot before the conference was full. That usually happened in less than an hour.

A lot has changed in the Notes and Domino community over the past two decades. For the past four years we have passed on taking a booth on the Showcase floor, instead holding a DOCOVA event on the boardwalk or some other venue close to the action.

This year we wanted to try and get a gauge from customers and business partners on their thoughts regarding the conference, find out if they were planning to attend, or not, and why.

Here is the link to the conference web site.  If you have not been there take a minute and have a look.  There are a lot of different options compared to previous years that help you to control your costs from a registration point of view.  Sessions have yet to be posted, but should be up soon.

Have a look if you have not already, then leave a comment on this page to let us know what your feelings are.